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I am a Master's of Fine Art with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Arts with a slated graduation date of August 2017 and teaching Introduction to Graphic Design as an adjunct professor, both at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village. Off campus, I am a hard working freelance designer, workshop manager at Atelier Truckee, human mom to two cats, partner, organizer, thinker, facilitator, maker and an avid hiker. Like many people, I make things. 
I tend to keep my art practice separate from my design career but have been pushing myself to create a space where the two disciplines can co-exist. I thrive on connecting to peers through their personal narratives, experiences and adventures. I often pair meetings with exercise in the form of hiking, walking, biking, skiing, etc. This type of activity and interaction drives my creative process and influences my approach to art and design. ​
I have been cultivating ​my​ relationship with ​the peers in the communities that surround me through travel, ​activism, volunteering and engagement, ​art and by​ exploring the High Sierra Mountain range, right here in my backyard. I strive to keep up a daily practice of getting my Vitamin D dose through outdoor movement.​ 
​I received ​my ​Bachelor's degree in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising from the University of Nevada, Reno. ​I went on to portfolio school in Chicago, through the consistent encouragement and force of my undergrad mentor, Bourne Morris, where ​I​ focused on typography, layout and design thinking. While in Chicago, I interned with Lester and Lucy Press where ​I cultivated ​my love for print and letterpress and was able to use the lessons of Bob Blesse's book arts courses I took at the Black Rock Press. ​
My life became rooted in Reno, NV, again in 2009, where ​I​ worked as the senior designer under my mentor, Stan Byers, at Stan Can Design™ creating award-winning design work for six years for local, regional and national small to mid-size businesses. It is through the first year working with Stan that I developed a relationship with the AIGA Reno Tahoe chapter on which I now serve as the President.
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